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About Us

BTROOMER (BTROOMER SOLUTIONS LLP) is the all-in-one platform that gives an elite service to manage and administer your PGs and Hostels. It’s a complete cloud- based solution developed by ZUCOL Group that can be accessed anywhere anytime.

BTROOMER indulges an effortless experience for management and supervision of hostels and PGs. The App features have been designed in accordance with the customer preferences & requirements which gives our clients the liberty from all the complex paperwork.

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What is BTROOMER and how it helps in managing PGs and Hostels?

BTROOMER is a handy paying guest (PG) and property management software. It offers real-time data to property owners, including payment details, receipts, visitor information, and occupancy status of the property. It's an invaluable tool for efficient property management.

BTROOMER, your friendly PG and hostel management software, offers you complete transparency with real-time visibility. This guarantees instant access to information from any location at any moment, keeping you fully updated on your hostels and PGs' management and supervision.

Definitely! With PG Hostel Management Software, you have the freedom to customize BTROOMER to suit your unique needs and preferences. This adaptability enables our clients to shape the software in a way that best serves their specific requirements, offering a tailored solution for effective management.

Absolutely, a trustworthy Paying Guest Hostel Management Software such as BTROOMER has the capability to proficiently handle numerous PG properties using one unified system. This consolidated method eases administrative duties, cuts down on operational expenses, and offers a comprehensive overview of all properties for informed decision-making. It's all about efficiency and ease!

BTROOMER is your one-stop solution for managing and overseeing hostels and PGs, freeing you from the hassle of intricate paperwork. This user-friendly Paying Guest Hostel Management Software provides a seamless experience, allowing you to concentrate on other business elements as it guarantees smooth operations.

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