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BTROOMER has 24/7 monitoring with a single dashboard

  • 27-12-2021
BTROOMER has 24/7 monitoring with a single dashboard

BTROOMER is everything you need with one integrated dashboard. All the hostels and PGs get complete monitoring. It is accessed from anywhere, anytime.

BTROOMER dashboard gives multiple branches and a revenue checkability view to the admins. All the room details are available in one place. It shows the status of the availability of rooms and beds. It helps to modify amenities according to preference in hostels/PGs or rooms.

BTROOMER provides daily notifications of tenants’ birthdays and complaints on the right side of the dashboard. It can quickly see and identify issues and ensures the fastest resolution.

BTROOMER helps in the documentation that can be stored. It stores staff details including name, contact, address, id proof, and designation, and tenant’s details including ID Proof, image, signature, and other such information.

The BTROOMER dashboard provides various reports such as resident reports, room reports, security reports, day-wise reports, salary reports, agreement reports, and notice period reports. Summarized reports and visual graphics are available, which helps in strategizing business planning.

Let BTROOMER simplify your daily operations with a user-friendly dashboard. It is an effortless, powerful, and automated hostel management software.

Access BTROOMER from any device. Log in from your mobile, tablet, or computer.

What are you still waiting for?

Automate your operations, manage your hostel/PGs business efficiently, and boost profits!