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Btroomer a Property Management Software: Key Features to Look For

  • 29-05-2024
Btroomer a Property Management Software: Key Features to Look For

Getting entangled in a bundle of responsibilities can drain you and even your financial situation. The more stressed you are the more chances of mistakes, especially when you are in a business that runs various properties. Hostels, PG, Co-living whatever may be your service taking care of every nook and corner is always like walking on thin ice. 

While manually balancing the work can be strenuous; automating your property management can actually make it more easier. If you too are looking for a flexible solution then choose the right property management software for your business. But let us first understand what we mean by property management.

What is property management?

Property management refers to the management of real estate by the landlord or the contractor. These management responsibilities include maintenance, repairs, rent, security and more. 

How does that incorporate software?

When we talk of Property management software, we are referring to something more than a database of spreadsheets. A property management software works to make maintenance and lease administration easier while keeping costs under control. It tackles the particular difficulties of property management like maintenance and payment matters. 

Who needs property management software?

BTROOMER Property management software is an easy to use software that can be run by anyone who is in real estate or a housing business.  This software is mostly suitable for property owners, managing agents, PG landlords, hostel owners and commercial occupiers. They all require assistance in managing their portfolios, rent, maintenance, and finances and this software is always there to help. 

Why do I need property management software?

You might not understand the real value of the software until you start using it. The Property management software is essential for managing large portfolios, as it requires a dedicated system which never fails you. Being human we tend to make mistakes and forget a lot of things while a machine works in an impeccable manner.

Moreover, the system helps us take care of  outdated systems through separate accounting and property management systems. Switching to one system can help address these issues and ensure future support and access to new features. This ease of service is not possible otherwise, maintaining records can be tiring as well as erroneous in some places. Choosing a software saves you from financial loss, extensive paperwork, documentation and more. 

Features of property management Software 

Tenant Management 

Rent Collection Software offers tenant management features such as maintaining a comprehensive tenant database, automating tenant screening processes like background checks and credit reports, and sending lease agreements electronically for e-signatures.

Expense Management 

The software involves creating rent invoices, tracking payments. This includes setting up recurring payments, managing expenses, income, and creating financial reports.

Maintenance Tracking

This helps in creating work orders for repairs and tasks, assigning tasks to contractors, tracking their progress, and maintaining a record of maintenance history for each property.

Reminders and updates

The software sends automated messages to tenants about rent due dates, lease renewals, and other important information, receives maintenance requests from tenants, and keeps them informed about property-related events.

Document Management 

The document management system securely stores lease agreements, inspection reports, and other important files. This allows easy access and setting reminders for lease expirations and other critical dates.

Reporting and analytics

The reporting and analytics feature allows for the creation of performance reports for individual properties, analysis of occupancy rates, cash flow, and return on investment.

Data security 

The assurance of security is among the most important features of property management software. It is essential that your property management software consistently encrypts data since, as a real estate manager, you handle a lot of sensitive information. Some examples of fundamental requirements are Dual-factor verification and Push notifications.

Cloud integration 

By keeping important data on a safe network of computers, the cloud solution enables time savings and remote work. Large on-premise servers are not necessary because this data is economical and not lost. Data security and accessibility are guaranteed from any place.

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BTROOMER -your most reliable property management software 

BTROOMER is a top-notch rent management software that offers secure data storage and efficient room allocation. Using the software the landlords can effortlessly work on vacancy management, seamless payment processing, quick maintenance request resolution, and real-time communication between property owners and tenants. It streamlines managing multiple properties, including bookings, check-in/out procedures, rent collection, and maintenance requests. 

BTROOMER also provides a paying guest management system with rent payment tracking, maintenance request handling, visitor management features, and automated reminders. Btroomer app is one of the best rental property management software that allows you to customize interface with features like rent payment, maintenance requests, room assignment management, messaging, and occupancy rate tracking. It also offers real-time financial reports and 24/7 customer support to ensure smooth operations and resident satisfaction.

What are you waiting for then? This all in one software will help you with all your needs as a landlord. Choose the right system. Choose btroomer.


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