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A cloud software for your PG and Hostel?

  • 22-08-2022
A cloud software for your PG and Hostel?

Are you also worried about your PG or hostel?  Not getting the rent on time? Getting tensed about how will you manage all the rooms in your PG or Hostel? Then this blog is for you.

You need cloud software for your PG and Hostel!

Cloud software is an operating system that manages and administers your PG and hostel. it has many helpful tools which will help you to manage your PG efficiently. Make your work easy!

Get cloud software now!!!

Cloud software helps to manage in many ways. It has many tools and services that will manage your PG and hostel efficiently.

If you are tense, about how to manage your restaurant then join BTROOMER now !!

BTROOMER is the all-in-platform that gives the best solution to manage and administer your PGs and Hostel. It’s a completely cloud-based solution. It can be accessed from anywhere and anytime.

This software can also be personalized according to customers’ preferences and requirements. Go paperless with us !! Enjoy the digital life.

Get real-time visibility with 100% transparency.

Our website also contains an option from which the customer can find the PG and hostel of their choice using the filters they want. They can also choose the amenities of their choice.

Managing your business with cloud software is in trend nowadays. And also it makes the work more easy and perfect.

No need to worry anymore about your PG !! because we are at your service to manage it.

BTROOMER is a very unique and innovative solution for your PG and hostel.  We at BTROOMER will manage your rent, rooms, food, and the various amenities you will provide to your PG.

BTROOMER enables admins to manage their operations with high performance, proper workflow, and effectiveness. It supervises your room, takes care of the facilities in the room, checks your daily revenue, analyses it, and manages it in a well-mannered way.

We are available for you 24*7.

Switch to PG and Hostel management system now and make your work easy !!!

Our various customizable amenities are :

  • Food
  • Air conditioner
  • Balcony
  • Kitchen amenities
  • Wi-Fi
  • Cleaning and washing
  • TV
  • Water heater

Happy renting


What are you still waiting for?

Automate your operations, manage your hostel/PGs business efficiently, and boost profits!