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How to get Google reviews on your PG and Hostel business?

  • 25-08-2022
How to get Google reviews on your PG and Hostel business?

How to get Google reviews on your PG and Hostel business? 

Google reviews for your business are really important. From Google reviews, you get to know how your business is going on and what is the true condition of your business. You get to know what to improve and what is needed to make your business go well.

If you own a business that runs on what people say about it then you know the importance of reviews. You should know how important it is to have good reviews on your business. Reviews make you visible in front of new customers as well as make your presence in front of existing customers.

Businesses can get many types of reviews but Google reviews are the most important ones. Google reviews provide useful information and help your business go to its peak.

Google reviews can be both positive and negative!! Positive Google reviews increase your goodwill between your target audience and negative Google reviews tell what you need to improve in your business.

Some ways to get Google reviews are :

  • Ask customers directly for reviews: It is one of the easiest ways to get reviews. Asking for reviews also tells if the customer is satisfied with your service or not. If you are talking with a customer ask them to review you.
  • Send a Follow-up Email to your customers: After a successful service send your customer a email to ask for a review. In your email be sure to include thank your customer for choosing you, tell your customer why feedback is important, tell your customer you appreciate and read all the feedback and improve accordingly.
  • Add a review link to your website: Another way to get more Google reviews is to add a review link to your website. You can create a custom URL where your customers can leave you a review. When someone clicks on the link a custom box will pop up from where they can leave a review.
  • Follow up on your review request multiple times: If a customer didn’t leave a review once that doesn’t mean they’ll never leave it. Maybe when you first requested, it was their bad time or the situation was not good. Try again once or twice. Don’t force them because it's their choice to review your PG/hostel according to their experience.
  • Be cool when you get a bad review: if you get a bad review don’t panic. Don’t deliver excuses, and don’t argue. Therefore accept and try to improve from the review. Just take responsibility that you’ll improve.
  • Respond to your reviews: If a customer leaves a positive review, say thank you! But if a customer leaves a negative review address the issue, say sorry for the issue that occurred, and try to resolve the issue ASAP. Google acknowledges the business that responds to the reviews.

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