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How to improve your PG and hostel service ?

  • 24-08-2022
How to improve your PG and hostel service ?

How to improve your PG and hostel service

Every student or person visiting your PG or living there expects good quality service. Right ?? But what to make them feel the best so they experience the best. What to do so they can become your loyal customer. Then you have come to the right place because this blog can help you know that.

So how to improve your PG and hostel service ??

There are many ways you can do so :

  • Keep your hostel clean: Keeping your hostel/PG rooms clean can give a positive reflection on the people living in and the customers you want. You need to keep it clean all the time. Nobody likes to see dirt in their rooms. Everyone wants to stay in a clean and hygienic place. Clean the dorm regularly and don’t keep the dishes unwashed.
  • Facilities: Make sure that every piece of information you put on the listing is. So that when the guest arrives they should find the exact things they saw on the offer. Because false statements gives a negative effect on the mindset of the guest. They take it negatively. It can disappoint your guests. Truth is the key to your business.
  • Maintenance: take care of the maintenance of your PG and hostel. Don’t keep the furniture and machines or anything outdated. You don’t need to buy new things every while but you can take proper care of the things you have. Only proper care can keep so many things in a good phase.
  • Safe and secure: Provide all your guests with a lock key for their doors. Your guests should also have a locker for themselves with a lock key. That should be for travelers who bring expensive items with them like laptops and cameras. So they need property security for their things.
  •  Staff and atmosphere: Your staff and the atmosphere in the hostel or PG you own should be familiar, friendly, and living. The atmosphere at your place should be helpful. You should hire people who are communicative and genuinely help your guests.
  • Good location or well connected to public transport: Your customers or guests should not be irritated by traveling. Choose a location which is well connected with public transport so it is easy for them to travel from one place to other. As the students have less time, so try to facilitate them with less time-consuming things.

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