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PG and hostel marketing tips to get more bookings

  • 25-08-2022
PG and hostel marketing tips to get more bookings

PG and hostel marketing tips to get more bookings 

Owing and managing a PG and hostel is a tough task !! Most people might be applying many strategies to make their business go to heights. It’s okay to test several strategies for your business.

Managing a hostel is a completely different thing than managing a hotel. The hotel business is pretty much straightforward forward but a hostel business does not only stand on accommodations.

There are many strategies you can use to get more bookings for your PG/hostel :

  • Register on OTAs that are relevant: If you are opening a hostel first thing to do is to register on OTAs. Relevant OTAs mean from where you can get enough bookings and an audience. Mostly they don’t consider it online marketing but making a presence on these sites can give you an amazing number of customers.
  • Get a professional website for your business with SEO: An online presence through a website with SEO is important to grow your business. The quicker you’ll understand that a website is important, the faster your business will grow. Your website can be the most effective marketing strategy for your business if used well. SEO will rank your website on the google search engine results page and will bring traffic. Plus local SEO plays an important role in bringing bookings to your hostel/PG.
  • Run ADS on google/Facebook and Instagram: If you have some budget for your business then running ads on various social media platforms can be an advantage. Running ads is an effective way of promoting your website online and increasing traffic and audience. It may bring many potential customers. Make your website the base for these ads, Because you want searchers to see the ad and visit your website with just a single click.
  • Give importance to Social Media: Social media is a need nowadays !! Any hostel or PG marketing plan is incomplete without a social media presence. Majority of the teenagers today use social media, the new trend !!  And they need the hostels and PG the most. It seems worth making your online presence on those platforms that are more used by the audience that this business wants.
  • Offer extra services: Apart from your regular service offerings opt for some extra services which are equally important for the people living in your PGs or Hostels. For example, You can offer bike rental services, travel services, city tours or trekking trips, picnics, etc. This will keep up with the mouth goodwill and also keep your business up in the offseason.
  • Expand into a hostel chain: If you are an independent hostel then the advice for it to grow is to expand it into a hostel chain. Once you are all set up with a hostel try to open a new one in another city. Once you are all set up, plan how you can set up your brand in a different city. This way you can expand your business.

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