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Top 10 PG Accommodation In Jaipur for students

  • 29-05-2024
Top 10 PG Accommodation In Jaipur for students

Are you searching for an affordable yet perfect accommodation for yourself in Jaipur? We understand that finding the best place is not a piece of cake, especially if you are a student and are experiencing this  for the first time. 

Finding  the best PG in Jaipur can be a challenging process, but it's ultimately rewarding when you find the perfect place. Since some PGs may put up some inconvenient policies and malfunctioning amenities, it's crucial to consider key factors when selecting a PG. You can easily avoid bad locations and enjoy a stress-free stay by doing some research work. If you are not confident about what to look for in a PG in Jaipur, here is a list of top factors you must consider.

Furnished and unfurnished 

The choice between furnished or unfurnished PG accommodation is a personal decision influenced by your preferences and budget. Lower rent may be a temporary advantage, but long-term costs may outweigh savings.


Many students and professionals choose to live in PGs for their convenient food availability. Therefore it's crucial to know the menu, timings, and options for packing meals. PGs offer healthy, home-cooked meals at fixed times, which may increase monthly rent. 


The top PGs in Jaipur always assure absolute security. A well-secured locality is crucial for personal safety. You must verify about the appointed security guard and 24x7 CCTV surveillance. If they claim to be the best PG in Jaipur then they must take care of people's security and safety. 

Rules and regulations

To ensure a comfortable stay, it's crucial to understand the PG rules, like non-vegetarian food, smoking or drinking restrictions. Before signing the agreement, check for common areas as well like parking spaces and kitchen. It is also essential to review and agree to these ground rules as some PGs may prohibit these activities.

Basic amenities

Top PGs in Jaipur always have basic amenities and appliances working. This includes a refrigerator, water heater, iron and 24 hour water and electricity supply. A housing company must provide these services. 


Rent should be reasonable considering location, amenities, and quality. A well-managed PG should have a well-managed rent collection system and automated property management software like BTroomer.


The landlord of the property must be friendly and approachable. It is important that they understand your concern and needs and respond to issues and complaints.


A well maintained accommodation should be your foremost priority. You must see that the place is up to date and appliances receive regular services and maintenance.

Taking all these things in mind, we have enlisted the 10 top PGs in Jaipur that you can consider as a student. 

Rao Residency PG/Paying Guest

Located in Pratap Nagar, Jaipur, Rao Residency is modern and spacious PG home is close to major educational commercial hubs in the area. This unisex PG offers all the comforts like AC, Food, Wi-Fi etc. The PG has strict adherence to hygiene standards and offers double, triple, four rooms. 

Hotel Anand Palace Paying Guest/Hostels,

Move into Hotel Anand Palace, a professionally managed PG home in Raja Park, Jaipur. It is located in a safe neighborhood and provides modern amenities like TV, AC, power backup, Wi-Fi. It also has double, triple, and four occupancy types, and is conveniently located near major commercial and educational hubs.

Utsav the stay house

UTSAV is a premium choice for professional living, offering modern amenities and a conducive environment for academic and professional growth for civil students and professionals.

Girls Home Paying Guest

Girls Home PG Vaishali Nagar Jaipur is a modern, spacious, and hygiene-conscious PG home near educational and commercial hubs. It offers Single, Double, and Triple Rooms with TV, AC, and food.

Urban Backpackers Boy's PG/Hostels

Urban Backpackers Boys PG is a professionally managed PG home in Mansarovar, Jaipur. It offers modern amenities like AC, food, and Wi-Fi. Urban Backpackers is a safe, commercial, and educational PG that has single, double, and triple occupancy types.

Mansarovar PG

The Mansarovar PG gives you the absolute comfort of daily amenities like air conditioning, a refrigerator, and a water purifier, the property is a gated community with on-site amenities. The building also features lifts and CCTV. It is the perfect option for your stay because it is close to reputable specialty hospitals like Saket Hospital, Tagore Hospital, and Tagore Hospital & Research Institute.

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Amar sadan

This affordable property in Jagatpura offers a 10-day lock-in period, a dining table, and a fridge. It comes with a 24-hour security system and is ideal for fitness enthusiasts. The property also has an in-house gym. It's a great rental option for families with school-going children. Nearby hospitals include Eternal Multispecialty Hospital, Ghiya Hospital, and Fortis Escorts Hospital.

Maruti Nandan

Enjoy modern amenities like Wi-Fi, power backup, and cuisine at the Maruti Nandan Luxury Girls PG in Dahmi Kalan, Jaipur. This popular double occupancy PG can be reserved through the seller and is close to important business and educational centres.

Saxena's PG

The family-run Saxenas PG Accommodation has been in operation since 2015, is six km from Manipal University Jaipur. It has contemporary amenities, open pricing, and monthly room rentals. A cosy home away from home is offered in a limited number of rooms.

White Park Avenue pg

PG For Girls in Vatika Infotech City, Jaipur offers modern, spacious, and comfortable PG homes near educational and commercial hubs. With strict hygiene standards and triple rooms, the PG is open to inquiries and offers triple rooms.

The search for PG accommodation has been experiencing growth for the past few years. With real estate investors, housing companies, hotels and builders investing in such accommodations. If you too are investing in such a business, then get yourself the most reliable management software. BTroomer is a dedicated platform that allows property owners to manage their estate and all its work without much hassle. 

Get the technical support for your housing business with BTroomer today.

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