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Why do we need the PG Management Solution?

  • 27-12-2021
Why do we need the PG Management Solution?

Every hostel/ PGs owner always desires to boost profit, and beat their competitors. Sometimes, it is devastating to ask for rent for enormous time.

But do owners find the solution? 

There should be an effortlessly manageable solution to avoid the above question. The solution should be user-friendly & easy to use with complete monitoring. It's high time to switch to a hostel/ PGs management solution to make your business more profitable.

Let's see why PG/Hostel owner needs to switch to a hostel management system.

  • Cloud-Based Solution- Hostel/PGs Solution integrates with unlimited cloud storage. Cloud storage is brisk and secure. No more managing a pile of work is exhausting. All the details of staff and customers are stored within the app. 
  • Organized Dashboard - Hostel/PGs management solution supervises all the hostel and PGs from a single dashboard. This dashboard gives multiple branches, revenue checkability views, and rights to the admins. 
  • Listing On the website- The hostel/PGs will automatically get listed on the website. Local people searching "Hostel near me" will display the owner's hostel/PGs, if it is near the location.
  • Automate Reminder - Hostel/PGs Management Solution is available with the complaint notification, and pending payment reminder. It solves the issue quickly. No more follow-ups are needed!
  • Full view of branches - Hostel/PGs management Solution gives admin access to all the branches. All the revenue details of the branches are available in one place. It provides modification in amenities according to branches. Easily manageable! 
  • Generate Reports - The hostel/PGs management Solution also provides a way to view various reports such as resident reports, room reports, security reports, day-wise reports, salary reports, agreement reports, and notice period reports. It monitors in a summarized and visual way. It helps in strategizing business planning from the report insights.

Hostel/PG management Solution is an overhaul for PG owners across India. BTROOMER is the all-in-one platform that gives the best service to manage and administrate your rental property. 

Start the free trial today. So, we can help you to boost up profit & get ahead of the competitor. 

Happy Renting! 


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