Executive PG

Executive PG

Executive PG, Shop No.1,Plot No.5,Sector 8, Airoli Navi Mumbai 400 708, Maharashtra, Mumbai, Maharashtra,
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Property/PG rules that can be modified as per owner preference

  • All The Municipal Taxes And Other Taxes And Levies In Respect Of The Licensed Premises Will Be Paid By The Licensor Alone.
  • The Electricity Consumption Charges In The Said Licensed Premises Will Be Paid By The Licensee To The Authorities Concerned And The Licensor Will Not Be Responsible For The Same. For The Sake Of Convenience, A Separate Electric And Water Meter If Possible Will Be Provided In The Said Premises.
  • The Licensed Premises Will Be Used Only For Residential Purpose And For No Other Purpose.
  • The Licensed Premises Have Normal Electrical Fittings And Fixtures. If The Licensee Desires To Have Any Additional Fittings And Fixtures, The Licensee May Do So At His Cost And In Compliance With The Rules. The, Licensee Shall Remove Such Fittings And Fixtures On The Termination Of The License Failing Which They Shall Be Deemed To Be The Property Of The Licensor.
  • The Licensed Premises Are Given To The Licensee On Personal Basis And The Licensee Will Not Be Entitled To Transfer The Benefit Of This Agreement To Anybody Else Or Will Not Be Entitled To Allow Anybody Else To Occupy The Premises Or Any Part Thereof. Nothing In This Agreement Shall Be Deemed To Grant A Lease And The Licensee Agrees And Undertakes That No Such Contention Shall Be Taken Up By The Licensee At Any Time.
  • The Licensee Shall Be Deemed To Be In The Exclusive Occupation Of The Licensed Premises And The Licensor Shall Enter The Flat/house With Consent Of The Licensee During The Day To Inspect The Premises.
  • The Licensee Shall Maintain The Licensed Premises In Good Condition And Will Not Cause Any Damage Thereto. If Any Damage Is Caused To The Premises Or Any Part Thereof By The Licensee Or His Employees, Servants Or Agents, The Same Will Be Made Good By The Licensee At The Cost Of The Licensee Either By Rectifying The Damage Or By Paying Cash Compensation As May Be Determined By The Licensor's Architect.
  • The Licensee Shall Not Carry Any Work Of Structural Repairs Or Additions Or Alterations To The Said Premises. Only Such Alterations Or Additions As Are Not Of Structural Type Or Of Premises With The Previous Permission Of The Licensor.
  • Deposit Will Be Refunded As Mentioned In "DETAILS OF LICENSEE" Subject To Pending Dues If Any.
  • If The Licensee Commits A Breach Of Any Term Of This Agreement Then Notwithstanding Anything Herein Contained The Licensor Will Be Entitled To Terminate This By 30 Days' Prior Notice To The Licensee. Licensee Also Can Terminate This Agreement By Giving 30 Days Written Notice To Licensor.
  • On The Expiration Of The Said Term Or Period Of The License Or Earlier Termination Thereof, The Licensee Shall Hand Over Vacant And Peaceful Possession Of The Licensed Premises To The Licensor In The Same Condition In Which The Premises Now Exist Subject To Normal Wear And Tear. The Licensee Occupation Of The Premises After Such Termination Will Be Deemed To Be That Of A Trespasser.

Amenities available

Power Backup
Fully Furnished
R.O. Water
Water Cooler
Attached Washroom
Peaceful Living
Laundry/Washing Machine


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