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How To Improve The Fine Living Experience For The Hostels? BTROOMER

  • 17-09-2022
How To Improve The Fine Living Experience For The Hostels? BTROOMER

How To Improve The Fine Living Experience For The Hostels

Fine living hostels are completely different from normal hostels. These are full of luxury, the best amenities, and services. Guests walk into these luxurious fine living hostels with great expectations to be delighted by the fancy ambiance, décor, and unmatchable level of services, which justifies their premium charges. Given the huge expectations, dull service and neglect of the details result in dissatisfied customers and loss of profits for the restaurants.

How Can You Improve The Services At Your Hostel ?

We will be discussing a few tips on improving the living experience at your hostel and how technology can assist servers through each step of service at a fine living experience at your hostel.

  • FREE WIFI: Do not charge your guests for WIFI. Maybe some of your guests will be doing their office work from your hostel so they need WIFI for that. Providing a WIFI service would be a better idea for your business growth. And if you don’t have a WIFI network in your hostel then install it ASAP.
  • LOCKER: Provide lockers to your guests. As they may have luggage with them. Many guests your need lockers to keep their luggage or expensive items safe and secure. If they work outside and come late they need a locker for them to keep their essentials. You can either order them at a small cost or DIY them with customizations.
  • BATHROOM UTILITIES: Add some minor and useful essentials and equipment to your bathroom. You can put some stands for the toiletries and even put a teaser if you have a public bathroom that will also be very expensive and will be greatly useful.

    You can even add hooks at the backspace of your gates for keeping clothes. From this, they don’t gather dust from the floor onto their clothes.
  • HOSTEL LIBRARY: It is really useful when your hostel is full of students as your guests. Keep the books which are of some basic courses. Don’t just stuff them with just random books, keep the books that are useful for normal studying students. E.g., NCERT, course books, College books, magazines, etc.
  • GAMING CONSOLE: If you can afford some gaming area or sports or E-games then it can be a huge commission for you. Students and guests love playing games in their free time. It would be beneficial for your business to put some games in your hostel.

    So that the students can play them in their free time. You can also put a television in your hostel. You can also put PS in your PG. 
  • KEEP YOUR HOSTEL CLEAN: Clean your hostel regularly for better hygiene. Cleaning doesn’t mean that you have to see the reflection on the floor but you need to keep it clean all the time. Nobody likes to see the dust on their clothes, floors, and molded showers and bathrooms. Clean the dorms on a daily basis, and don’t allow dirty dishes to block the sink.

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