NYC Accommodations

NYC Accommodations

R -5/125 NAWADA HOUSING COMPLEX DAWARKA MODE 110059, New-delhi, Delhi,
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Property/PG rules that can be modified as per owner preference

  • *501 NYC 2* Hi All, please be aware of some basic rules that everyone needs to abide with 1. *GIRLS* are not allowed in the p.g( not even SISTERS ,if you want you can meet them outside the accomodation away from the premises of the accomodation but not in the building ,any instance of not following the same will lead to vacation without notice and without security refund) 2. Friends are allowed provided they are boys *with prior permission* , they don't coz any kind of. inconvenience to anybody living within this premises. (Need to keep me informed if you are expecting a visitor , no stay overs allowed, no girls allowed even talking to you near the accomodation premises) 3. Drinking and smoking is not allowed .(it is allowed on mutual consent only) 4. All the services that are provided are basic if any additional services are required they are chargeable . You can pay and avail them. (Like laundry or getting a channel on the tv apart from the ones provided or increasing the speed of the Internet ,washing of dishes) 5. *1 month prior notice is required before vacating the accomodation with 3 months of Lockin period of stay else the security amount would not be refundable nor will be adjusted and you would need to clear all the dues for your usage of electricity and food before vacating. ( if found that a girl visited the floor the security amount *will not be refundable and you will be asked to vacate the accomodation immediately without any notice* 6. Please maintain *basic hygine* and cleanliness on the floor (always wipe the bathroom floor after using the bathroom and thow away the hair fall if any, throw the rubbish in the dustbin not anywhere else) 7. Please ensure to keep your vauables in lock and key as i , the care taker or the management will *not be responsible* for loss or damage anything. 8. All in group is ment to share genral information or forwarded messages it has all the boys and the girls in that group including my tenants ,please ensure that any message sent on that group does not impact anyones feelings *intentionally or unintentionally*. 9. You need to provide 3 passport size photos along with your id proof and 300 rs as a one time charge for police verification and rent agreement. 10. Electricity usage for entire flat upto *400 units* will be charged @ 7rs per unit . The units consumed over 400 units upto 800 units will be charged @ 9 rs per unit and units above 800 will be charged @ 11 rs per. unit 11.The rent would *increase by 10%* on completion of 11 months . 12. Any *damage* incurred to the furniture and fixture of the accomodation by the guests during your stay, will be claimed and billed to you. 13. All the rent and other charges are to be paid by the *1st of every month, delayed payments post the 10th of every month will attract a penalty of 300 rs per day.* 14. In case any of your parent or friend would be staying at night there will be a guest stay charge of 300 rs per person per night, Guests stays are allowed at a charge of 300 rs per night provided the guest is of the same gender as you are else daily rooms are also available depending on the availability at 1200 rs per night. (With prior information, opposite gender not allow) 15. All residents are required to maintain good conduct . Indiscipline state of the resident will be liable to cancel the admission and entire security will be forfeited treating that resident has left on his own . 16. All the rules and regulations are liable to be changed , if required by the accomodation authority . I hereby agree and undertake to abide all the rules and regulations which are mentioned above. Delhi Date

Amenities available

Hygenic Food
Daily Newspaper
Power Backup
Fully Furnished
R.O. Water
Water Cooler
Attached Washroom
Desert Cooler
Bed + Mattress
Kitchen Amenities
First Aid Medical Facility


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